Baton Twirling

Beautiful movement, coordination, strength, control, timing, poise, confidence, expression and communication skills are all a part of this exciting sport/art!

Twirling combines technical baton movements with many forms of dance and gymnastics for a most entertaining performance skill. From beginning through super advanced competitive and collegiate levels, twirlers enjoy many benefits such as fitness, outstanding carriage and posture, ability to perform for the public, self presentation and interview skills, travel opportunities as well as college scholarships at many colleges and universities across the country, music appreciation and interpretation, and, of course, the joy of entertaining.

  • Competition Twirling is available to those who want the trill and challenge of testing their skills and reaching the height of their abilities.
  • School Twirling with a Marching Band is available in most areas and in others, various opportunities exist.
  • Show Twirling is open to almost every twirler on some level which allows everyone to gain valuable experience and develop self confidence while learning to express their individual personalities.

Dance for Baton Twirlers

When you watch a Beautiful Twirling Performance, you quickly become aware that the twirler is also a trained dancer. Correct technique and body awareness as well as control are required when creating the entire package. We offer classes geared specifically to this need and suggest that twirlers take part in this instruction.

  • Stretch and Condition Classes are offered to allow twirlers to reach the level of body work needed to enhance all performance levels. This is also helpful in preventing injury.