Christina Albee’s Story

February 16, 2010 by emily · 4 Comments 

Christina twirls at Ouachita Baptist University.
Story written by Shea Higgerson.

The half-time show at a football game is a wonderful show to watch, but when most people think “half-time show” they think about the band; the clarinets, the drum line, the trombones, but that’s not all there is to enjoy. There’s another talent on the field exuding preciseness, skill, athleticism, and beauty. Christina Albee doesn’t play an instrument, but she entertains the crowd during half-time by twirling her baton with a big smile on her face as her alter-ego “Carmelita.” Christina’s roommate gave her this nickname “because of this extra boost of confidence that comes with the baton, costume, hair, and make-up.

“I love that twirling pushes me to be athletic, creative, and elegant all at once. I am not aware of any other sport that integrates these qualities so well,” said Christina. “I also love how when I’m twirling I really can’t think about anything else.” Christina has been twirling since the second grade and has been taking private lessons since the third grade. Christina tried several things before the discovered her love of twirling. She tried baseball, basketball, volleyball, swimming, gymnastics, and dance. “None of these things seemed to fit,” she said. “I was either terrible at them or I just didn’t enjoy it. Baton was something different to try.”

When Christina moved to Hannibal, MO she started taking lessons from Janice Jackson Seamonds, who was the teacher of her two previous teachers. “While I was considering what college to attend, Janice moved from Dallas, TX to Conway, AR, and I felt that was an added confirmation that I should attend Ouachita Baptist University,” said Christina. Seamands says the improvement has been fantastic since she has been able to see Christina weekly instead of only a few times a year.

“Any serious athlete must have self discipline, make good use of their time, know their strengths and weaknesses, and understand what commitment means,” said Jackson. “Christina knows just how important having goals can be and knows the joy of achieving not only a personal goal but also the sense of accomplishment from doing your best.” All of Christina’s hard work has paid off tremendously. Not only has she gotten the satisfaction of doing her best, but she has received recognition and awards for her twirling.

Christina won the titles of 2009 College Miss Majorette of Arkansas and 2009 College Miss Majorette of the South in the spring – two goals she had been striving for since she was a little girl. She also won the “most talented” senior superlative in high school. Christina won second place in her very first baton contest for which she received a plaque. Some of Christina’s favorite baton memories are from twirling her first parade at the age of seven and twirling on the St. Louis Rams’ field with her high school band.

Seamands believes that Christina’s experiences in twirling will “help [her] in all areas of life by contributing to her self confidence, the ability to present herself for interviews and auditions, developing her leadership skills, understanding how to relate to people and communicate, poise and grace, ability to take critique and turn that information into a helpful source for improvement, expecting the best of herself in all she does and just enjoying her talents and skills and being able to give happiness to others and help those around her through use of her talents.” Christina Albee has definitely provided a lot of variety to half-time entertainment at football games. Her love for twirling is visible from the stands and she always wears a big smile on her face when she performs.