“The World of Twirling Offers Opportunities to Shine”

September 7, 2008 by admin · 1 Comment 

by Rachel Parker Dickerson
September 7, 2008
The Log Cabin Democrat of Conway

In the world of baton twirling, a girl could go far.

Janice Jackson Seamands, who recently opened Central Arkansas Baton Twirling on Front Street, hosted an event Wednesday, Aug. 27, to introduce young girls to what twirling is all about.

Parents stood by and watched as Seamands taught the girls a variety of techniques. Batons rolled on the floor as the determined novices tried again and again to master the moves.

Seamands had a studio in Dallas for 38 years where she was very involved in the world of competitive twirling. She moved to Conway about a year ago and has been working with students from the University of Central Arkansas, Ouachita Baptist University, Southern Methodist University, Texas Christian University, Baylor University, University of Arizona and Oklahoma State. Now she has opened a studio and will offer instruction for all levels of twirlers.

“They start as a novice, then progress to beginner, then intermediate, then advanced,” she said.

Twirlers progress from one level to the next by earning a certain number of wins in twirling competitions, she explained.

Travel is an optional part of competitions, she said.

“We will have a couple of local competitions, hopefully some in Hot Springs and fairly nearby. They do travel some, although some families don’t want to,” Seamands said.

Miss Majorette of America is one of the competitive events in which several of her students have won, she said.

“I generally judge our world competition, I have (judged) in several countries,” she said. “I judge on a national level at the advanced events.”

Carol Sikes, who twirls for UCA, is the beginner level Miss Majorette of Arkansas and one of her students, Seamands said. Sikes performed for the young girls who attended the event at the twirling studio.

“I do a lot of choreography for people, but I don’t perform anymore,” Seamands said.

She was inducted into the Baton Twirling Hall of Fame in 2002, she said.

Seamands is available for instruction by appointment. Central Arkansas Baton Twirling is located at 1089 Front Street. The phone number is 733-1131.