Make-Up Tips

(No Matter What Your Eye Color)

1.  Put on your best skin matching foundation.

2.  Put on translucent powder to set your foundation.

3.  Use Navy Blue eyeliner on both your top and bottom eyelid from the inner corner of your eye to the outer corner of both eyelids.  Blend.

4.  Next, use Navy eyeshadow next to lashes and up halfway to the crease.

5.  Then use  Dark Gray eyeshadow in the crease of eye.

6.  Blend shadows well.

7.  Under brows and over brow bone, use Light Pink eyeshadow.

8.  In the inner corner of the eye, use Lemon Yellow eyeshadow.

9.  Apply LOTS OF MASCARA!!!!!!      Top and Bottom!

10.  For your cheeks, apply blush to cheekbone  from center of eye and up  into temple area.

11.  Apply “High Beam”  uplighter under eyebrow and around eye socket.

12.  For Lips, use matching lip pencil (to lipstick) over entire lips, both upper and lower.  Then apply matching lipstick.  Brighter and darker shades work best.

***This makeup bings your eyes and expression OUT, so you are SEEN!!!!***