About Janice

Janice Jackson Seamands

Janice Jackson Seamands is a charter member of the Baton Twirling Hall of Fame, instructs and judges across the USA and Europe, has produced state, regional, national and world champions in every major twirling organization and has had twirlers at over 40 colleges and universities as well as high schools throughout the nation.

Janice has instructed Grand National/World team champions, solo twirling and strut champs, World Women’s Solo Champions, several Miss Majorettes of America, National 2 and 3 baton winners, Collegiate Twirling champions, and has had students on the Goodwill Team to Peru and on the USA World Twirling Team competing in Holland and France. In 2009 she was the USA World Baton Twirling Team Nation Coach. Her students have won Miss Texas (Bashara Chandler), 3rd runner up to Miss America (Marshawn Evans), and Miss America talent and interview. Janice teaches twirlers from all over the country and judges national and world competitions. She has worked in Holland, England, France, Italy and Belgium and directs various twirling events. She is now a resident of Conway, Arkansas.